More than what it seems, more than what we are used to seeing.

More than a common sunglasses brand, it is a new concept of accessories for the visage that claims its uniqueness in the eyewear world.

Born in Milan in 2017, with an irreverent spirit and eclectic character, from a group of friends all very different from each other. Designers, stylists, photographers, buyers, each one putting its own creative DNA in this project, affecting every product with multiple influences. The result is an eyewear with a new fit, and amazing style. Each design with a different story to tell.

Unique models that can be adapted to every personality because everyone can find in MTT specs something of its own.

Completely made in italy with top quality materials, MTT sunglasses are thought to be worn every day.

A distinctive element of ones look at first sight. Ready to be worn to play the role you want.

And something More Than This.

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